Welcome to Ignition

We have liftoff! A new fleet of ships awaits you in your ever-expanding quest to conquer the unknown. Spaceship blueprints allow you to customize your ships to your liking, whether they be lightning fast or large enough to haul many metric tons of precious materials. Shipyards have been made available for convenient assembly, but don’t forget to factor in the damage your ships will accrue on their trips across the galaxy…

Scroll down for an overview on the changes the Ignition update brings about. Happy trading!

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Specialized Spaceships

Choose from a plethora of customizable options to build your ultimate armada. Prioritize the engine or reactor to have your items arrive faster or give precedence to the cargo bay in order to ship large bulky materials that were previously a pain to transport. The more complex your vessel becomes, the more you can expect to spend to boldly go where none have yet ventured.

Assembly Required

Once you’ve polished up your blueprints, take them on over to a shipyard to begin immediate construction. Make sure to include all the required materials and observe as your supplies transform into a fully-fledged flightcraft. Shipyards can be implemented by developing them as a planetary project or perhaps you will already find them in unlikely places…