Welcome to Populous

Witness the evolution of your populous. Gone are the days of mindless laboring drones. A new order has been passed so that a planet’s population is distributed among each base according to their production needs. Planetary infrastructure projects are now available which improve the livelihood of workers. Governors can exercise their power to control the upkeep of these projects as populations grow and decline.

Scroll down for an overview on the changes the Populous update brings about. Happy trading!

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Placating the Populous

Your new workforce has arrived at your base. It is up to you whether they prosper in their new positions or sink into a crippling depression. Make sure to keep your workforce happy and motivated to increase production output and watch your base flourish. Keep your eyes peeled for the Population Report that is generated every 7 days for updates.

Build for Thrills

How do you keep your workers happy and satisfied? Glad you asked. The answer is with Population Infrastructure Projects. Each project fulfills a particular need for your bustling laborers and will keep them in top condition for your ever-expanding exploration into the universe. Donate collectively as planetary colonists to upgrade each project as the economy expands.